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Ching's Amazing Asia - Episode 3

2016-02-15 20:50:05|News

Episode 3 of CHING’S AMAZING ASIA, Monday 15th February on Food Network UK at 9pm and Asian Food Channel.  This week I travel to the beautiful and charming Okinawa for “Soulful Island - One of a kind Mix” I check out Urizun, a 40-year old Japanese Izakaya style pub. I get to cook with Chef Shoshin Asato who teaches me how to make a local delicacy and sample an array of Traditional Okinawan bites.  Next I visit Pork Tamago Onigiri Honten with Katsuaki Kiyokawa inventor of the “Pork and Tamago Onigiri”.   I loved cooking with Chef Shoko Takara of Suji Guwa, known for her home-style Okinawan dishes. Tacos-Ya is a small joint serving up a Japanese-American fusion dish “Taco Rice”. Owner/Chef Taeko Arime knows how to make this fast food the best.   I nose around Makishi Kusetsu Ichiba, the oldest market in Okinawa, and buy some fresh seafood to take to the restaurant, Honen, upstairs for Chef Toyo Higa to work her magic.   I loved Okinawa, I hope you do too.   Make sure you tune in, don’t miss it!   Love, Ching x  


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