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Can eating fat help cut obesity?

2016-05-26 20:41:03|News

  I have been really interested in reading the debate between the Public Health of England and the National Obesity Forum about fat in our diets, this week.  The National Obesity Forum suggest that eating fat could help cut obesity and type 2 diabetes, arguing that eating fat does not make you fat, that saturated fat does not cause heart disease and full-fat dairy is probably protective. Yet, the Public Health England's chief nutritionist has said that the advice to eat more fat is irresponsible and potentially deadly.    My personal view is to try and stay away from saturated fats from animal sources, as they raise cholesterol and increase the risk of heart disease.  I tend to also agree with the report findings that the optimum sugar consumption for health is zero. So many low fat products are boosted with sugar to give them flavour and with sugar so highly addictive we are putting our bodies under stress. If we can cut out over-processed, high-sugar foods we can embrace more natural and organic products.    Being an advocate of ‘clean eating’ comes with its fair share of criticism too. I choose to eat the very best ‘clean’ ingredients - foods found in their natural unprocessed state and free of additives, chemical and pesticides. In fact, Mother Nature has given us all we ever need in terms of “food products”.  I understand that it is not for everyone but it is not about being on a ‘diet’ or being a slave to healthy food but about eating well and sourcing the best ingredients to create delicious and nutritious food.    It’s a very complex and emotive subject and I am learning more each day.  By opening up these debates, it will hopefully make us more mindful of what we eat and allow us to make informed choices.   If you are interested in finding out more, there is more information on the website and in my book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook   Love, Ching x


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