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Bitesize of China

2016-10-13 22:59:35|News

    I had great fun at China Exchange last night. Lovely crowd and glad my Soybean - 3 ways noodle salad went down well, packed with smoked tofu, spicy vinegar tamari, chilli powder, pickled radish and edamame on high protein organic soybean noodles and completely gluten free! For those interested in the soybean noodles keep in touch & will let you know when we launch.   It was a great space for sparking Chinese culinary conversation. Happy to share my detox journey to good health and how I have healed my allergies through food and wokking. To the Chinese, food is medicine. Chinese think of nutrition in terms of food that gives you 'nourishment' è¥ å…» yíngyăng whereas 'calories' are the measure in the West. Chinese think of raw foods as cleansing, cooked food as nourishing and special ingredients are used for healing. A combo of all 3 (an East-West) approach is, I believe, the key to good health and happiness. Inspired by the way my grandparents ate on their farms, my philosophy of eat clean is pure, uncontaminated nutritious food using the best ingredients you can get hold off and simply cooked. This way of eating need not be expensive. Simple honest food for all.  For more recipes please check out my book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook    Thank you to China Exchange and all the lovely people I met and for listening. I feel so thankful and grateful for all your messages.   Wish you all good health.   Love, Ching x


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