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2015-04-29 22:43:18|Inspiration

I am so lucky to be able to travel the world with my work. I get to see so many beautiful places and explore the rich tapestry of many different countries. Of course, travelling can also be exhausting and leave you feeling drained. This is why I give myself some simple rules before I leave. I keep my clothes light and comfortable. Maybe a simple pair of jeans or some light cotton trousers with a loose t-shirt. I keep make up to a minimum. A tinted moisturiser keeps my skin hydrated and glowing along with some lip balm. As my skin is very sensitive I also ensure I have a good quality sunscreen with a strong SPF. I always keep away from fast food and snack on sunflower seeds, dried fruit and nuts to keep me going until I can enjoy a proper meal. For sheer decadence, I love this Ottis Battersbee eye mask from Liberty’s. Well, we all have to have some luxuries in our lives! http://www.liberty.co.uk/fcp/product/Liberty//Pink-Liberty-Hera-Print-Eye-Mask/104059?gclid=CNat_IfPicUCFakKwwod-hYAMQ Love, Ching x


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