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Time for a Random Act of Kindness

2017-02-17 17:32:43|Inspiration

      It’s Random Act of Kindness Day - this is right up my street!  If only we showed a little more kindness and tolerance to one another, the world could be such a happier place.  My contribution to this day?  A lovely recipe for the weekend ahead, of course - if only I could cook it for you all too!   I’ve chosen a delicious Asian fusion dish, which I like to call “Fusian” - Kimchi and Water Chestnut and Enoki Mushroom Stir Fry.  The combination of spicy pungent Kimchi stir fried with crunchy water chestnuts and tender sweet enoki mushrooms makes for a tasty marriage in Lotus Wok heaven. My unusual flavour combination here makes a simple but beautiful dish perfect for entertaining with friends.  Full recipe here   Let’s all spread a little kindness, not just today but every day!   Love, Ching x


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