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Recycle Week (12th-18th Sept)

2016-09-16 19:42:54|Inspiration

We are right in the middle of Recycle Week in the UK (12th-18th Sept) and I just wanted to encourage people to think again about ways they could help.  This year they are focused on “The Unusual Suspects” - recycling all the items at home that often get forgotten, such as shampoo bottles and aerosol cans.  There are some great ideas and videos on https://www.recyclenow.com which can really help motivate us all. People who regularly read my blogs know that I am an advocate of sustainable and ethical fashion and try my best to recycle clothes that I no longer use, rather than add to the landfill.  As you can imagine, I have accumulated numerous clothes over the years, collected from various shoots.  When clearing out, I deliberately consider where they should go next. Some go to my friends and family, some I have worn to death and were shipped over to the recycle charity bins and the rest were deposited at my local charity shop in the hope that someone else may take some renewed pleasure from these items.   There are also a number of fashion marketplaces now which offer people the chance to sell pre-loved fashion items, allowing you to reduce waste and recycle whilst making a few pounds along the way.  I really like the look of a new second hand recycling boutique REBELLE where stylists can actually visit UK homes to whisk away unwanted designer fashion and accessories, with the most desirable items photographed and sold on the website.  Or, you can simply photograph and post up yourself.  It will certainly relieve our overflowing wardrobes, and earn a profit at the same time! There are so many options, recycling could not be easier!   Love, Ching x


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