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Moon Festival

2016-09-15 21:32:39|Inspiration

  It may not feel it, thanks to the heatwave, but today is Mid-Autumn Day - or Moon Festival in China.  The moon is at its roundest and brightest, symbolising unity and harmony in Chinese Culture.  Families will be getting together to celebrate, praying for a good future and satisfaction in our lives and the gathering of family and friends to harvest the crops for the festival.  It is also a great opportunity to cook amazing food and celebrate in style with traditional moon cakes at the centre of the table.      A great celebration dish for such an occasion is the humble moon cake but a savoury dish that was always served in my family were stir fried vegetable noodles. Vegetarian Soy Chinese mushroom and spring onion Egg noodles - simple wok fried dish. Noodles are a great festival food and symbolise longevity. On a full moon my grandmother would go vegetarian, paying respect for all beings. This is a quick dish wok fried with dehydrated Chinese mushrooms.    Love, Ching x


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