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Moon Festival

2015-10-02 19:55:11|Inspiration

Did you see the amazing Supermoon lunar eclipse? A fantastic opportunity to see the spectacular blood moon and for once the skies were clear enough over the UK to actually watch it in all it’s glory! Another reason to cherish this awe inspiring world. In ancient China, the moon was seen to have a close relationship with the seasons and agriculture. The Mid-Autumn Festival is celebrated when the moon is at its roundest. It celebrates the concept of thanksgiving for the harvest and harmonious unions, praying for a good future and satisfaction in our lives and the gathering of family and friends to harvest the crops for the festival. It is also a great opportunity to cook amazing food and celebrate in style with the famous moon cakes at the centre of the table. [recipe here] With so much entertaining, this recipe for my Crispy Pork and Prawn Wontons is just the appetiser you need to impress your guests. These wontons are fried, very indulgent and great as an appetizer for a party. They are easy to prepare in advance, freeze and then cook from frozen and fry for a delicious crispy finish. Delicious served with sweet chilli sauce.  Happy eating! Love, Ching x


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