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Lunchbox ideas for back to school!

2016-08-31 16:42:16|Inspiration

  I was chatting to a friend last week - her kids are back to school next week and she was looking for some inspired ideas for their lunch boxes.  After a bit of brainstorming I thought of my recipe for a simple and tasty Roast pork pastry puff.  It’s really a dim sum dish but can easily be packed up for lunch.  I think life is too short to make your own pastry and so, in my version, I have used ready-made bought puff pastry.  It’s ridiculously simple to make and the sweet marinade means kids love them!  You can also use any left over pork to make roast pork sandwiches, roast pork fried rice or roast pork salad - then you have your lunch sorted too!  Recipe is in Chinese Food Made Easy.   Would love to hear your lunch box alternatives.  Always good fun to share some ideas.   Love, Ching x


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