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Lotus Wok

2016-04-28 21:44:29|Inspiration

  Look at what just arrived in the post!  So great to see my Lotus Wok on the front page.    Don’t forget that my Lotus Wok is available from JML.  Made from carbon steel, the Lotus Wok has a flattened base making it suitable for every kind of hob.  Inspired by the Lotus leaf, it uses the latest technology to blend an authentic Asian cooking style with the superior performance of modern cookware. The nano-silica coating ensures you can use metal utensils, can be heated to 400° C and the virtual non-stick coating is also PFOA free. There is no need to 'season' this wok, a natural seasoning builds up over use and the performance gets even better over time.   My set includes a 30cm Lotus Wok with a glass lid, a stainless steel steaming rack (which you can use to smoke foods as well as steaming too), pair of wooden chopsticks, wooden spatula and a copy of my cook book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health, all for £49.99 + P&P from JML Direct.   I am very proud of my Lotus Wok and I hope you will enjoy using it as much as I do.   Love, Ching x


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