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Hungry Ghost Festival

2016-08-17 17:43:34|Inspiration

  The Hungry Ghost Festival is a traditional festival in China where we worship our ancestors.  Obviously, I love it because it centres on feeding the hungry ghosts who have been wandering the land since the beginning of Hungry Ghost month!  Ghosts and spirits, including deceased ancestors, come from the other realm to visit the living.  We make ritualistic food offering and serve up elaborate, often vegetarian, meals.  We leave empty seats at our tables for deceased family members and have ceremonies to appease the transient ghosts.  People burn faux money and light lanterns to direct the lost ghosts back to their realms.     I will be cooking my Battered shitake and okra with citrus five-spice salt - an elegant dish for all the hungry ghosts. I love Okra at the moment and it is the perfect dish for the occasion.  A great way to make vegetables tasty – coat them in a rich batter and then deep-fry until crisp and serve with a five-spice salt.  Full recipe in Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure.  Enjoy!   Love, Ching x


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