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Food Waste Supermarket

2016-10-06 20:20:28|Inspiration

  I was really inspired by a fab story about the UK’s first waste supermarket.  The Real Junk Food Project has opened a warehouse in Leeds stocked up with food that would have otherwise been thrown away.  Working with major supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and food banks, they collect perfectly good food to give to disadvantaged people.  Ensuring that all the food is safe for consumption, people are encouraged to pay what they feel for goods either with time, money or skills.  They also have a string of cafes that hold the same principles.   The project has been so successful, they hope to do similar ‘supermarkets’ in towns and cities across the UK.  What a wonderful initiative!  There is so much needless waste on a daily basis, it’s fantastic that we can distribute the food in a more effective way, rather than just adding to landfill.   To read more about the projects, take a look at their website: http://therealjunkfoodproject.org/   Love, Ching x


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