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Essential Oils

2015-07-12 14:18:34|Inspiration

As those of you that regularly read my blogs know, I am passionate about investing in natural and ethical products. Not only do I follow this principle in the ingredients I use in my cooking but also in my fashion and beauty products. I am lucky enough to travel frequently with my work but it can be exhausting. I need to make sure that I fuel my body and mind correctly to sustain the energy that I need. One way that works for me is using a range of essential organic oils to revitalise and de-stress. My favourite brand is Neal’s Yard Remedies which I regularly use when I am particularly busy. Neal’s Yard are passionate about beauty being natural, not synthetic. They are transparent about what goes into their products and where they are from, much the same principles I use when it comes to cooking! Three of my favourites are the Cedarwood ‘Balancing’ Oil which I often add to a relaxing hot bath or simply pop into my trusty burner. The Cinnamon ‘Energising’ oil helps stimulate digestion, important for the body to work effectively and also has great strengthening qualities. Finally, the Eucalyptus ‘Cleaning’ oil is great for stimulating and refreshing. Make sure you pop it in your handbag over the winter as it is a great decongestant for your head and sinuses too! We need to take care of all the different cogs of our body to ensure that our bodies are working at their full capacity! I try to remind myself that health is wealth and it needs to be nurtured. Wishing you all a happy and healthy day ahead. Love, Ching x


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