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Double Seventh Festival

2016-08-10 02:59:19|Inspiration

    The seventh day of the seventh month of the Chinese calendar marks Chinese Valentine’s Day, also known as the Double Seventh Festival.  It is the most romantic of all the Chinese festivals and originates from the legend of the loyal love between Niulang (cowherd) and Zhinv (weaving girl) in Chinese mythology.  Like Western Valentine’s Day, flowers, chocolates and other gifts are given to their loves.     I’m planning a simple romantic dinner tonight and am hoping to make some summery peach, strawberry and lychee spring rolls. Spring rolls are so simple to make. Try and buy the spring roll pastry from the frozen section of a Chinese grocer. Fill each wrapper with peach, strawberry and lychee pieces. If you can't find the Chinese spring roll wrappers (the ones made with coconut oil are particularly good), then use filo pastry, and you can bake them in the oven until golden.  Full recipe, here.   A delicious treat to celebrate love. Love, Ching x


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