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Ching's top 5 hotspots for 2013

2013-02-09 20:10:05|Inspiration

One of my new year's resolutions is to visit more wonderful places around the world. These are my top picks of places to visit in 2013. New York New York City is one of my favourite places in the entire world, largely due to its eclectic array of cultures, apparent in its food, fashion and craft offerings. The artisan, food and farmer markets (http://www.marketsofnewyork.com) are a must-visit for picking up some bargains. San Juan Islands, Washington Whether you like to relax or prefer adventure, these picturesque islands 80 miles north of Seattle have something for everyone. They've been dubbed 'Gourmet Archipelago' due to the abundance of fresh seafood and colourful vegetables. San Juan Islands can provide a perfect day of trawling artists markets, bike rides on the beach followed by a local hearty dish of fresh seafood. Modern Singapore Well known for its business district, Singapore is also amazing for shopping – in fact, it's one of Asia's premier shopping centres, often called Shopper's Paradise. Singapore's stores boast competitive prices and in addition to the air-conditioned malls, China Town has a wonderfully eclectic mix of little stores. Dubrovnik, Croatia If ever there was a picture that reminded me of the Great Wall of China, it's in Dubrovnik, where looking over the city and walking down to the gates you can take in a view of the magnificent city walls with their view over the Mediterranean. Often called the ‘Pearl of the Adriatic' and a UNESCO world heritage site, Dubrovnik also boasts a diverse collection of restaurants, with some real gems in the old town. London I grew up in London and yet I still find new places to see and discover. When visiting, it's easy to stay in central London, but there are so many undiscovered places outside of the centre too. The London Wetlands is one of the best urban sites in Europe to watch wildlife all year round, plus Hampstead offers Kenwood House, a stately home with sumptuous gardens - perfect place for a picnic in the summer.


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