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Chinese New Year party time!

2017-01-26 19:34:05|Inspiration

    Planning a Chinese New Year celebration?   Here are some simple tips on how to create a wonderful feast to impress your friends.  Of course, it comes with my own clean, modern twist on the traditional and is really easy to recreate in your own home.   Decorations: It’s all about the red and gold.  We need to ward off the Nian monster, who hated colour.  Flowers are a perfect decoration as they symbolise beauty, growth and ‘rising above’ for the year ahead.  Orchids are lovely on the New Year table.      Starter: Spring rolls because they welcome the arrival of the spring festival.  They look like small gold bars, symbolising wealth My Chicken and vegetable Spring Rolls recipe can be found in Chinese Food Made Easy or in the recipe section right here.     Main: Fish is a symbol of abundance, completeness and unity. It was rare to have fresh, steamed fish and it was always a treat. Steamed sea bass in hot beer and ginger lime sauce is perfect celebration food.  Full recipe: Chinese Food Made Easy    Dessert - Nian gao (sticky rice cake), is traditionally served at Chinese New Year as a symbol of togetherness among families. Simply; your family will 'stick' together. Full recipe for Nian gao is in Ching’s Fast Food.   Drink - as a celebratory drink, you can pick the most prized teas – like oolong, jasmine flower and osmanthus and, of course, baijiu (Chinese rice wine).   Wishing you all a wonderful “Tuan Yuan Fan” or “reunion dinner”!   Love, Ching x


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