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Chinese Chorizo, Roast Sweet Pepper and Cherry Tomato Melt

2016-10-26 19:57:59|Inspiration

  This is a little bit of comfort food for me - Chinese Chorizo, Roast Sweet Pepper and Cherry Tomato Melt.  Ideally, try and lay your hands on Lap-Cheong dried sausage although chorizo will work perfectly well.  Roast the sausage in the oven to give them a divine crusty edge and this way they release a lot of fat, making them a tad healthier.     For a vegetarian version of these bites, substitute cubes of sweet potato and roast them with the peppers and tomatoes.  This is a great recipe for the kids - I find they love the melted cheese and are really fun to eat with your fingers.  Simple pleasures.    The full recipe is in China Modern.     Love, Ching x


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