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Wok fried Tenderstem® Kimchi Bokumbap

2016-06-02 15:58:00|Food

Image: Laura Field   Continuing my mission to promote Tenderstem and show just how versatile is it, here is another recipe for you to enjoy.  This time I have a fab brunch dish, Wok fried Tenderstem® Kimchi Bokumbap “Kimchi Fried rice with shimeji mushrooms topped fried egg and soy”.  Fried rice is a staple in Chinese and South East Asian cuisine. This recipe is a fusion of Chinese and Korean flavours to create a brunch dish. It is the perfect dish to provide you with energy to get you through a long day!   Juliette Kellow BSc RD, a registered dietician and fan of Tenderstem® has also highlighted the health benefits too saying that this dish is a great skin, hair and nails, perfect for getting summer ready. It’s a source of Iodine and Vitamin B3 and packed with Biotin and Vitamin B2 all needed for normal skin, while the Zinc and selenium in this recipe are what is needed for hair and nails. It’s also packed with Copper and Vitamin C, which are needed for normal hair pigmentation and normal collagen formation.   It’s a great summer brunch recipe that your friends will really appreciate.    For more information on Tenderstem®, go to their website www.tenderstem.co.uk   Love, Ching x


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