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2012-08-12 02:22:26|Food

My goal, in today’s episode of Easy Chinese, is to make the vegetables the star of the plate! We take a tour of NYC restaurants where you will find some uniquely creative vegetarian dishes. First stop, I cook with the clever and talented Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy, she makes me these incredible barbeque carrot steamed buns! Then its onto the Brooklyn brine company, where owner Seasmus (who is a genius!) shares with me his delicious recipe for Whiskey sour pickles. He has a surprise for me and it inspires me to get cooking. No time for rest as I visit Mas La Grillade in the heart of NYC, and get a lesson in the art of vegetable grilling with supersmart chef, Galen Zamarra. Then its my turn at the grill to make something tasty.  Recipes include barbeque carrot steamed carrot buns, Whiskey Sour Pickles, Egg Fried Rice with Pickles, Grilled Artichoke and Maitake Mushrooms, and Grilled Asian Vegetable Couscous. So tune into Cooking Channel - tonight at 8.30pm EST. See you there!  Cx   


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