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Use Your Noodle! Tonight's Easy Chinese...

2012-06-09 21:24:26|Food

Tonight's Easy Chinese sees the almighty Chinese noodle getting the red carpet treatment in LA. I explore the huge variety of Chinese noodles and how they are used.  I get to cook with two incredible chefs – both noodle makers! My first stop is with Shaanxi noodle master Chef Jeffrey Yang (below) at LA's Mandarin Noodle Deli, where I get to grips with how to make knife shaved noodles and hand pulled noodles.  Then I get to cook noodles with award winning chef Jet Tila – in his own back yard! He teaches me how to make chow fun noodles from scratch and we then use them to make delicious treats such as Hot-Sour Zucchini noodles and Black bean pastrami and shitake chow fun!  So tune in tonight to learn how to use your noodle! 5.30 PST and 8.30 EST on Cooking Channel. Wok On! x


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