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The second episode of Restaurant Redemption Season 2

2014-10-22 02:17:47|Food

The second episode of the new series of Restaurant Redemption airs tonight in the US at 10pm, ET/7pm PT. My next destination is Cherry Hill in New Jersey where I spend time with brother and sister, Jim Ong and Anita Te. When they opened Vietnamese restaurant Pho Barclay the lines were out the door. One year later, the business has slowed, and the food has become boring and predictable. They really needed to focus their resources on the restaurant and reinvent their food and decor if it was to survive. They told me that they were up for change, but are they really up for the challenge? You can join me online at CookingChannelTV.com/Restaurant-Redemption for exclusive web-only videos about Chinese cooking, including tips on shopping in Asian markets, the must-have kitchen gadgets for the perfect Asian-inspired meal, pantry must-haves and new recipes.Love, Ching xx



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  • Unknown
    2015-09-15 02:10:52

    My wife and I are devoted viewers of this show and words can't express how disappointed we are to discover that it isn't being renewed for season 3.  We want to thank you for giving us something to look forward to every Tuesday night for the past 2 years.  I couldn't wait to tell my friends and colleague about this show.  But we look forward to seeing your next show, the Big Eat.  But it looks like it might only be available for the  UK market and not US. Hopefully, it will show up on the Cooking Channel.

  • Unknown
    2014-02-25 22:05:15

    I'm just into this show :(

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