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2015-09-14 21:38:33|Food

OK, so I live and breath food and love to promote all its natural benefits but don’t underestimate how a humble glass of water can also enrich your body. We should all being drinking water, preferably at room temperature, throughout the day. It helps to improve the skin, rids us of toxins from the blood and keeps us looking glowing and youthful! If you find the taste of water bland and struggle to drink enough during the day, how about trying an infused water? Not only will you be keeping hydrated, you will have the added benefit of being enriched with vitamins and minerals. One of my favourites is my cleansing cucumber, lemon and parsley water. Just add 2 slices of cucumber, 2 slices of lemon and a sprig of parsley to 300ml of filtered water and mix well. It couldn’t be simpler! There are many more ideas in my book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health. As a long time tea lover, I have also come up with some great recipes that incorporate tea leaves or fruit and herbs - another great way to take on antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Either as an iced tea on a warm day or a warm cup on a cold day, there is something for everyone, minus the caffeine! Many of the ingredients you probably already have in your store cupboard. Try my fresh mint, coriander and lemon peel tea for a comforting alternative. Start with 300ml of hot water, add 4 sprigs of fresh mint, 2 coriander stems with leaves, sliced into 5cm pieces and 2 pieces of fresh lemon peel and then simply stir in a teapot and steep for 1 minute. Strain into a mug and drink! More ideas in my book if you need some inspiration http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook. Unfortunately, wine doesn’t help hydrate you but is still one of my other favourite drinks! As a small tip, keep it to a minimum and try and look for wines with ‘no added sulphites’! Happy drinking! Love Ching x


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