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Taking ducks to water

2012-08-11 15:10:14|Food

The first episode of Exploring China on BBC2 last Sunday evening saw myself and Ken drop in on the master of Peking duck, Chef Da Dong. Peking Duck is without doubt one of China’s most famed dishes and one of my favourite dishes to cook – my family and friends love it! I also care where the ducks come from and how they are treated, not only do well-treated ducks make for an improved flavour, it gives peace of mind to know they’ve been looked after. This year I am proud to support the RSPCA’s new labeling scheme called Freedom Food, which upholds standards for duck farming. The RSPCA is encouraging retailers to ensure that their ducks are reared to the highest welfare standards possible. Look for the labeling when you buy your ducks because increased welfare standards for our animals can only be better for the wellbeing and health of everyone and our planet.


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