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2012-08-18 19:11:06|Food

  In today's episode of Easy Chinese, I set out to explore and show the unseen side of Chinese cuisine - the delicious sweets ranging from ice cream to pastries! My friend Carey Reilly is holding a birthday party for her daughter Ava, and I am drafted in to help with dessert. So I take a tour of some of NYC ‘s Chinese "sweet" spots for some inspiration and ideas. First stop is T Kettle - a Taiwanese sweet shop where Peggy Chen, shows me how to make Bubble waffle and I get to try Dou-Hua (a traditional beancurd pudding) and Taro Bubble tea. Then we visit a popular establishment making delicious Chinese pastries - Fay Da Bakery. I get inspired to make my Egg tart with banana caramel. Its then time to pack up and head off to Ava’s birthday party where I put these desserts into practice! Will the party end in tears or cheers? Tune into Cooking Channel - tonight at 8.30pm EST. See you there! Cx      


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