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Stir-fry egg noodles with soy shiitake, purple spring onion and bean sprout

2017-01-09 18:13:35|Food

      For my final recipe in the Superior Dark soy sauce challenge by Pearl River Bridge... I'm going all veggie. Post-Christmas, people are looking to eat healthier dishes and I have just the recipe for you.    My Stir-fry egg noodles with soy shiitake, purple spring onion and bean sprout recipe is an easy & delicious stir-fry, using dried Chinese mushrooms as the star ingredient.  It is stir fried with ginger and dark soy to create a rich savoury umami flavour.  The naturally brewed and MSG/preservative free soy sauce will add flavour, colour and depth to this dish.  Toss in fresh spring onions, pak choy, beansprouts and egg noodles for a star main or served as an accompaniment to other dishes. To bulk up the dish, add slices of smoked tofu or even some organic chicken.  Just stir fry them until cooked and then follow the rest of the recipe. This is a great all round healthy dish for family and friends and is the perfect symbolic 'health' dish to have at the table since noodles symbolise longevity! When cooking just make sure they're uncut...as cut noodles mean you will shorten your life! We don't wish that upon anyone!   I have added the full recipe into this blog.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.   Love, Ching x   Stir-fry egg noodles with soy shiitake, purple spring onion and bean sprout Preparation time: 10 minutes   Cook in: 6-8 minutes   Serves 4   Ingredients 1 tablespoon rapeseed or groundnut oil 1 pinch of sea salt flakes 80g dried Chinese mushrooms, pre-soaked in hot water for 20 minutes, drain, sliced, tough stalks removed and discarded 1 tablespoon Shaosing rice wine or dry sherry 3 tablespoons Pearl River Bridge dark soy sauce 800g cooked egg noodles 200g baby pak choy, washed, leaves separated, blanched, drained 200g purple spring onions, sliced in half lengthways into 10cm strips 200g beansprouts, washed and drained well 2 tablespoon low sodium light soy sauce 1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil   Method: 1. Prepare all the ingredients.   2. Heat a wok over high heat, as the wok starts to smoke, add the rapeseed oil. Give the oil a swirl in the wok coating the sides. Then add a pinch of sea salt flakes and dissolve in the oil in the wok. Follow quickly with the rehydrated Chinese mushroom slices. Toss cooking the mushrooms for 2 minutes releasing their aroma and add the Shaosing rice wine.   3. Add 1 tablespoon of the dark soy sauce and toss cooking the mushrooms for 1 minute.   4. Add the cooked egg noodles, add the remaining 2 tablespoons of the dark soy sauce, making sure to coat the noodles well and stir and toss well to mix.   5. Add the blanched baby pak choy leaves, purple spring onions, beansprouts and toss cooking for 1 minute until the spring onions and beansprouts wilt slightly.   6. Season with low sodium light soy sauce and toasted sesame oil, give it one last toss and serve immediately.


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