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Restaurant Redemption Launches!

2013-10-27 18:19:26|Food

Tuesday evening (8pm EST) my new project Restaurant Redemption is going out on air! I'm so excited about showing the world my latest foodie scheme, which I dreamed up together with the wonderful folk at Cooking Channel. It's coming to your screens every Tuesday night 8pm for 13 weeks - and after months of hard work researching and filming, I really can't wait to hear everyone's reactions! Over the series I'll be touring the US, meeting struggling Asian restaurateurs and saving their bacon. I want to change the face of Chinese and Asian cuisine in America, giving it a stylish update and a serious attitude overhaul. I need to get these chefs out of the doldrums and back to their woks. Advance warning guys: in this series I get in touch with my fiery, tough "yang" side. We are making over menus, decor, and whole lifestyles... In order to turn things around I need to put on my stern face and lay down some hard home truths! The first ep lined up is "King Yum", as I head to Fresh Meadows NY to save a 60 year old family business from ruin. When I met Robin Ng and his wife, they seemed to have lost their way and forgotten their passion. Can I turn things around for them and get their Tiki-themed restaurant back on track? Watch this space! As well as professional advice, a bit of tough lovin' and some serious pep talks, I'll be sharing my own recipes to give these failing chefs a helping hand. In this week's episode I'm whipping up spicy vegetable egg rolls, refreshing Thai shrimp wraps and my extra special crispy chicken wings with "Citrus Five-Spice Salt". So all you keen home cooks out there can cook along! If you just can't wait, I've got the teaser trailer here courtesy of my lovely colleagues at Cooking Channel to whet those appetites - pardon the pun! And for the full list of episodes check out my TV listings or go on the Cooking Channel's site. I'll see you tomorrow night, 8pm EST, on Cooking Channel: get ready to wok! x


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