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Restaurant Redemption in New Jersey

2014-02-11 20:00:19|Food

There is more drama coming up in tonight's episode of Restaurant Redemption, as I head to Maywood, New Jersey, to meet Joe Troy and check out his unusual Asian-Hawaiian restaurant. Joe has already invested an unbelievable $200,000 of his own cash into his beloved Session Bistro, but something's still going wrong and the restaurant is in dire straits... It looks like 'fusion cuisine' has become confusion cuisine for this adventurous restaurateur, so it's defintiely time for me to roll my sleeves up and come to the rescue! I'm determined to give Session Bistro a serious menu and decor overhaul - but will it be enough? Sneak peek: watch out for my take on the Chinese-Hawaiian combo, a super-delicious Asian-Spiced Roast Pork with Tropical Salsa recipe. Joe's unusual approach to flavour inspired me to try my own fusion dish, and viewers take note: this one is ideal for trying at home. Woks at the ready! With all this excitement, I can't wait to tune in at 8pm ET on the Cooking Channel. Join us to find out if Joe Troy's unique bistro can finally say aloha to success... See you all there! Ching x


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