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Red Panda Asian Bistro

2014-12-02 18:34:24|Food

Another 1 hour special tonight, Tuesday December 2nd at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT of the new series of Restaurant Redemption! "Red Panda Asian Bistro"In this one hour special, I am off to a restaurant in Queens, New York that is on the verge of extinction. Business partners Roger Quan, Sam Cheng and Paulina Gonzalez opened Red Panda Asian Bistro a year ago, and have tried everything to attract customers to their restaurant. They extended their menu to include Chinese, Thai, Korean and Japanese options, but they feel the additions have left customers overwhelmed with too many choices and substandard fare. After failing to wow with their food, they have hosted weekend entertainment, including magic shows, and karaoke to draw in the crowds. This business needs more than a few magic tricks to save it. Will I be able to pull the rabbit from the hat and turn this empty restaurant into a successful business?You can join me online at CookingChannelTV.com/Restaurant-Redemption for exclusive web-only videos about Chinese cooking, including tips on shopping in Asian markets, the must-have kitchen gadgets for the perfect Asian-inspired meal, pantry must-haves and new recipes.Love, Ching x


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