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Pancake Day!

2017-02-28 18:09:27|Food

    Happy Pancake Day!  Let me 'pimp your pancake' with my unique Chinese twist.  Crepes with Red Bean Paste and Vanilla Ice Cream is a modern recipe using a traditional Chinese ingredient. You can buy ready-made, sweetened red bean paste in tins in Chinese supermarkets or you can make your own!  However, ready-made helps to reduce the prep time, leaving more time for flipping!   And don’t forget, my Lotus Wok is great for making pancakes - the even heat distribution gives you great temperature control and the nano-silica coating means your pancakes won’t stick to the pan.  Delicious golden brown pancakes for everyone.     Full recipe in China Modern and I've attached the recipe below. Enjoy your Shrove Tuesday everyone!   Love, Ching x     Crepes with Red Bean Paste and Vanilla Ice Cream   Prep time: 5 minutes   Cooking time: 15 minutes   Makes 8 small or 4 large crepes   150g plain flour pinch of salt 1 egg, beaten 300ml milk 4-8 tablespoons vegetable oil 200g red bean paste 500ml vanilla ice-cream 100ml maple syrup   1. Sift the flour and salt in a bowl.  Add the egg and milk and stir to make a smooth batter.   2. Preheat the oven to 150c/300c/Gas Mark 2   3.  Heat 1 tablespoon oil in your Lotus Wok or frying pan and ladle in enough batter to make 1 large or 1 small crepe.  When small holes appear, flip over and cook the other side.   4.  Place on a plate, cover, and keep warm in the oven while you make the rest.   5.  Heat the red bean paste in a small pan until warmed.   6.  Spread a layer of the red bean paste onto each crepe and fold.  Top with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, drizzle over some maple syrup and serve immediately.  


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