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Nuts for Nuts!

2012-10-22 11:45:33|Food

Today it's National Nut Day in the UK and US – I am really in praise of these as a cooking ingredient, great in stir fries – and also as a snack. Yes, they’re healthy and nutritious, but did we really know to what extent?   The UK government’s Chief Medical Officer says 18,000 premature deaths from heart disease could be avoided each year if we cut our meat consumption by half and nuts are a great form of protein which can help us do this*.   Even better, the humble nut is good for the environment too – switching our main source of protein from meat to nuts whenever we can helps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, the trade in Brazil nuts helps to preserve the Amazon rainforest*.   Jump on the nut-wagon and try one of my favourite appetisers, FIVE SPICE BOILED PEANUTS WITH CARROT AND CUCUMBER.    * http://www.nationalnutday.com/about%20us.html  


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