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Nutritious vegetarian Korean bibimbap quinoa

2016-04-26 20:05:25|Food

    Are you after some more recipe inspiration? I love to cook my Nutritious vegetarian Korean bibimbap quinoa recipe - my healthy take on the Korean classic. Using my Lotus Wok, this dish is super quick to make.  By getting the Lotus Wok really hot, you can quickly fry off the tofu until golden brown, followed by your carrot stripes, keeping in all their nutrients and natural crunch.  A delicious Lotus wok-fried egg on top delivers some high more high quality protein and omega-3 fats. I can’t believe there will be much left over but you can always turn it into a healthy packed lunch the next day. Instead of the fried eggs, maybe use hard boiled – much easier to transport!   The link to the recipe is above, or you can find it in my cookbook Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health.   Enjoy!   Love, Ching x


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