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National Allotment Week

2016-08-11 03:04:21|Food

It’s National Allotment Week.  The great thing about an allotment is that it can appeal to all sections of society from the unemployed to the professional, all races and religions and all levels of ability. Not everyone is lucky enough to have their own garden but with an allotment, you can manage your own plot, enjoy some fresh air and gentle exercise and even grow your own fruit and veg!   A friend of mine loves pottering around on her allotment and recently gave me a bag of homegrown courgettes to enjoy.  Not only were they all different shapes and sizes, they were fresh and oh so delicious! In my cookbook Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health there is a lovely recipe for Grilled courgettes with pineapple salsa verde.  A seasonal recipe, ensuring that you are getting the very best flavours with all your homegrown, organic vegetables and fruit.   For more information about how to find an allotment and some excellent tips got to http://www.nsalg.org.uk.   Love, Ching x


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