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2016-07-07 18:47:18|Food

I love mushrooms! Not only are they virtually fat free they are high in B vitamins. Mushrooms are a brilliant ingredient when eating clean. High in fibre and great for flavour, they work brilliantly in stir-fries.Maybe you are not too excited about the prospect of using your button or chestnut mushroom.  Well, be inspired but all the wonderfully different mushrooms you can use and some new and exciting ways to cook them, with lots of recipes ideas in all my cookbooks.  In Ching’s Fast Food, there is a great recipe for Dou miao with enoki mushrooms.  Enoki mushrooms have a very long, thin stem with a tiny golden head and in the wild can be found growing on the Chinese hackberry tree.  They can be eaten raw or added to stir-fries at the end of cooking to retain their sweet and delicate flavour.  Cooked with Dou Miao, shoots of the sugar snap pea, this is an elegant dish, great as an accompaniment for a main dish. Time to grab your Lotus Wok and try something new! Love, Ching x


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