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Little Taiwan and the best Chinese food around!

2012-06-30 19:37:53|Food

Today’s Easy Chinese episode is close to my heart – TAIWAN! A beautiful island off the South China Sea, where I was born, before foodie travels took me to South Africa, U.K. and USA. I love “xiao-chi” or “small snacks” street food that are found in Taiwan’s world famous night markets – but the surprising thing is that some of the very best “xiao-chi” can be found in LA, right on U.S soil! Today, I discover the food of my youth at Monterey Park’s “Little Taiwan”. My favourite Taiwanese “xiao-chi” has got to be “stinky tofu” “tsou dofu” a delicious fermented tofu that is fried and served with garlic soy gravy and pickled cabbage and chilli bean sauce. I have the pleasure of sampling this classic tasty dish at Old Country Café. And the dish does not disappoint! The garlicky, briny pungent “stink” of the tofu is so more-ish I had to be shooed out by my producers!  The search for the very best of Taiwanese cuisine continued with breakfast snack items at Huge Tree Pastry (with the sweetest Taiwanese girl you will ever meet) – Lillian Liu!  Here, you can expect dishes such as shao bing you tiao, savoury soy milk and savoury congee – just like home in Taiwan. In exchange I make Lillian two versions of my “oat congee”. After these visits how could I be hungry for more? My greed coupled with nostalgia leads me to Why Thirsty where their Taiwanese “railroad bento” “paigu biantang” with fried pork cutlet and braised soy egg with rice and pickles brings back memories of travelling on the old railway from Kaohsiung-Taipei in Taiwan. My Taiwanese cooking skills are put to the test as I cook Brad my Taiwanese beef noodle soup…. Room for dessert? You bet! I sample a clever dessert that will leave you on cloud 9 – all cool and “fluffy”….! So tune into Cooking Channel, 5.30 PST and 8.30 EST and join me on this super-delicious journey to “Little Taiwan” – in my opinion, the best “Chinese” food around.   


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