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Lionhead Meatballs

2016-11-02 21:55:09|Food

  School meals get such a bad press but there have been some fantastic improvements over recent years and a real emphasis on providing nutritious meals for all.  I really believe that it is so important to encourage healthy eating to all children, giving them the knowledge they need for the rest of their lives.  National School Meal Week helps promote healthy eating and also correct some common misconceptions made by parents based on their own experience of school meals.     When I was little, my mum and grandmother served up lots of varied and interesting dishes using fresh ingredients that they had to hand.  Lionhead meatballs were a family favourite. It is such a warming, comforting and humble dish.  Once cooked, the meatballs, surrounded by the Chinese cabbage, are said to resemble the head of the lion, while the cabbage resembles the ‘mane’.  My mother use to tell me that we would be as strong as lions if we ate it all up - it was too fun to resist! The recipe for this one is in Chinese Food Made Easy.     Love, Ching x


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