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Kirakuya Sake - Restaurant Redemption Season 2

2014-11-26 01:04:06|Food

A special 1 hour episode tonight, Tuesday, November 25th at 10pm ET/ 7pm PT of the new series of Restaurant Redemption! “Kirakuya Sake” New York City’s Koreatown is the location for our next struggling restaurant. Run by fun-loving owner May Cho, Kirakuya Sake used to be the place to drink and party for the Korean and Japanese communities– with May at the centre of the fun. Unfortunately, these days the party appears to be over. Business has declined as fewer and fewer customers come in to eat, drink or socialize with May. With a personal investment in the business she is too scared to look at her numbers, and does not know the true extent of the difficulties, but an empty restaurant is a sure sign that things are bleak. Is it May’s big personality, or her big menu that is turning people off? Is it too late for Ching to rein in May’s party-girl ways and get her more focused on her food than on having fun? You can join me online at CookingChannelTV.com/Restaurant-Redemption for exclusive web-only videos about Chinese cooking, including tips on shopping in Asian markets, the must-have kitchen gadgets for the perfect Asian-inspired meal, pantry must-haves and new recipes. Love, Ching x


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