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Kathy’s Chinese Cuisine - Restaurant Redemption Season 2

2014-12-30 21:22:40|Food

I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year celebrations! Take some time to put your feet up and enjoy another new episode of Restaurant Redemption, premiering tonight, Tuesday, December 30th at 10:00pmET/7:00pmET. This week it’s "Kathy’s Chinese Cuisine" Baron and Christine are the owners of Kathy's Chinese Cuisine, a 20 year-old restaurant that desperately needs my help. Baron and his wife have ploughed their entire life savings into this restaurant, but after 20 years of business, things are at an all-time low. Baron cooks a "healthy" Californian Chinese style of cooking; no canned foods or animal fats. They are not profitable enough to hire a chef, frequently work seven-day weeks, and are losing money hand over fist. The couple is so stressed that customers frequently witness their constant arguments. If Baron will not listen to his wife, how can I expect to be heard? Can this couple reconcile their differences and turn this restaurant around? Find my web-exclusive guide to Chinese cooking CookingChannelTV.com/Restaurant-Redemption, including tips on shopping in Asian markets, the must-have kitchen gadgets for the perfect Asian-inspired meal, pantry must-haves and new recipes. I’ve helped dozens of professional chefs revitalize their Asian food and establishments; imagine what I can do for you too! Join the conversation on Twitter at #RestaurantRedemption @CookingChannel You can also connect with both me and each other on Facebook at Facebook.com/CookingChannel Love, Ching x


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