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Happy Thanksgiving!

2013-11-28 17:50:44|Food

Happy Thanksgiving to all my friends in the US – and those farther afield! This is such a great excuse to get together with family and friends enjoy delicious food and drink all day long. I like to cook roast duck  for this special occasion – it never fails to impress, smells amazing while it’s cooking and by the time it’s laid in the centre of the table everyone dives straight in! This Peking Duck recipe is marinated in honey, dark soy, Chinese five spice and brown sugar, which enriches the flavour and caramelises it to a spectacular finished result – enjoy all! x



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  • Unknown
    2013-11-15 08:15:35

    We watched your first 2 episodes. Very enjoyable. Wondering if you can post some of the recipes you do on the shows- like black bean sauce over noodles and 5 spices, etc. would love to try them. Good luck with the show!

  • Jim Ashby
    2013-11-07 05:08:52

    Ching, Your show last night was smashing. I hope to see more of the 1 hour shows. The 1/2 hour show last week seemed a tad hurried. Keep up the great work!

  • Jim Ashby
    2013-11-06 04:05:53

    Ching you showed a lot of patience dealing with the owner of King Yum. When you took him off to the side and gave him the ultimatum, "Are you with me or not?" You finally got through to him. That was so good! I loved it!

  • Brenda Stewart
    2013-10-30 08:51:03

    My family and I had dinner at King Yum a few years ago and only remember that the food we ate were Americanized Chinese food. After seeing your first show, I may pay a return visit for dinner. Great show and looking forward to the next restaurant to improve.

  • matt stickland
    2013-10-29 07:24:53

    don't have to wait to see it to say

    you look absolutely beautiful

    & I'm not saying that because you're holding a cleaver

    I'm sayin it cause you look Hot & Sexy   .

    Best of luck with the new show , can't wait to see it


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