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Happy New Year everyone!

2011-01-15 13:36:33|Food

Happy New Year everyone! Catch Ching contributing on Gordon's Big Fish Fight on Sunday 16th January Channel 4 at 9pm. Ching's thoughts on Shark's Fin Soup: "The Chinese traditionally eat Shark's fin soup at special occassions such as weddings but it has become a popular dish to be consumed not only on special occassions but at business banquets or dinner parties. It is a delicacy and a national prized dish with cultural and historical importance that has appeared on the menus of Imperial China since the Sung dynasty (960 AD). It is the "kou-gan" or "mouthfeel" (textural feel) of this dish that is unique (coupled with slow cooked chicken and dried scallops etc that gives the dish a delicious flavour). At the end of the day, it is not reasonable for anyone to judge such another's food choice. However, the cruelty of this fishing is unquestionable. If this dish is to remain on the tables at Chinese banquets, I strongly urge the governments of all nations to put an end to this cruelty. From the information I have' I am doubtful there is a way to regulate and control the fishing effectively which leads me be believe there should be a total worldwide ban on Shark's fin to protect the species. I can't tell you how much I love this dish but it is our responsibility to the planet to safeguard all endangered species. All fisheries and agriculture should be sustainable, we need to respect the environment, otherwise we are just endangering ourselves and future generations." You can catch Ching on Market Kitchen: Big Adventures for Good Food Channel using ingredients discovered in Kent on air 31st Jan - 4th Feb Sky channel 249.


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