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Goodbye to Restaurant Redemption

2014-02-20 23:33:35|Food

So the last show in my Restaurant Redemption series aired this week, and I'm just so sad the series had to end! I hope it was as much fun for you to watch as it was for us to film. The project was a rollercoaster and a risk: I think we can all agree it paid off spectacularly...   My American adventure took me from New York to Texas and all the way back to New Jersey. My quest? To save Asian restaurant-owners from their worst enemies: themselves! It seemed impossible at times, but we overcame the challenges and there now are so many memories, some funny, some silly and some incredibly emotional, that I will take from this series.   I am so proud of everything we achieved. The best part of every episode was that moment at the end when I could see my new friends taking pride in their revamped restaurants. Another highlight for me was the sheer variety we found: Asian tapas, Laotian sushi, Japanese, Thai, even a steakhouse! But from experimental Asian-Hawaiian fusion to ultra-traditional Chinese cooking, however different their concepts, all the restaurants were missing the same thing: a touch of culinary magic, a spark of inspiration... the X factor. I like to think this passion is what I helped them to rediscover. For all the budding restaurateurs out there who I didn't get to meet, this is one message I'd love to share with you all. Cook with passion and energy, and love your cooking!   Now it's all over, I want to say thanks again to everyone who came on the journey with us - my wonderful TV crew, the brilliant team at the Cooking Channel, and most importantly, you! Thanks to all our keen viewers - I know you guys were rooting for us every step of the way! All that's left is for me to think about what I might come up with next! Requests very welcome!!   Love, Ching xx


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