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2012-08-05 04:43:09|Food

  In Today's episode of Easy Chinese, I explore America's favourite Chinese food and how it differs from the Chinese cuisine found in China. I head to Times Square to survey America's favourite Chinese dishes. We explore Chinese dishes that were not invented in China – like the humble fortune cookie where see how they are made at Wonton Food Inc.! And do they eat Egg Rolls in China? I head to the Nom Wah Tea Parlour in Manhattan’s Chinatown and meet with Wilson Tang – 3rd generation owner to get the lowdown on the all-famous American egg roll. Tune in to check out how Wilson’s family have elevated this humble Americanised-Chinese dish…yum! I visit The Brooklyn Wok Shop to meet a new generation of Chinese cooks - chef and owners Edric and Melissa Har. Their love of the American-Chinese menu has spurred them to open a restaurant dedicated to soley to Americanised Chinese food – done their way of course! I cook at these fabulous spots for my new friends – favourite Americanised Chinese dishes – like Sesame Bacon Shrimp Toast and General Tso’s Chicken. So tune into Cooking Channel - tonight at 8.30pm. See you there! Cx


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