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Eat Clean Essentials: WALNUTS

2015-11-11 20:39:33|Food

Whether you choose to eat them as a fuelling snack or sprinkled over soups and salads, nuts are a wonderfully versatile ingredient. There are now all kinds of nuts available to us but I tend to stick to raw, unprocessed and preferably organic nuts. If you like to sprinkle over salads, then give them a rinse, drain and place on a roasting tray with a drizzle of sea salt water. 10 mins at 180c should be enough but watch them so they don’t burn! I particularly enjoy walnuts which are high in magnesium, zinc, omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibre. Throw in some vitamin B and antioxidants, you really can’t go wrong. As with everything, eat in moderation! A really quick and simple dish is Raw mangetout and sugar snap peas with pumpkin seeds and walnuts. The mangetout and sugar snap peas provide a sweet crunch and are high in fibre, help lower cholesterol and contain vitamin C. The walnuts provide the nutty bite. For the full recipe, grab a copy of my cook book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health, available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook I hope you all enjoy it! Love, Ching x


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