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2015-11-17 10:01:25|Food

I love using this tasty vegetable in my cooking. For a start, it is incredibly low maintenance as you can eat the whole thing from stem to floret! No need for chopping and prepping. As the name suggests, the stem is sweet and tasty and not at all like the woody, thick stem of ordinary broccoli. Tenderstem is actually a hybrid of broccoli and Chinese Kale and has a texture more reminiscent of asparagus. It is full of nutrients and vitamin C and also contains vitamin A and a good dose of iron. Like many wholefoods, broccoli is loaded with soluble fibre that helps to reduce the amount of cholesterol we absorb from the food we eat. It also has alkalising effect on the body, giving a host of health benefits. You can steam, sauté, boil or stir-fry it or even just add it raw to a salad. For a recipe idea, click here for my Satisfying edamame, carrot, sugar snap peas, egg and tenderstem broccoli red fried rice. Pick up my book Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health for more ways to use tenderstem broccoli including in my Wok-fried rosemary lemon chicken and my Vegetarian Pad Thai. It’s available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook What a great way to eat your five a day! Love, Ching x


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