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Eat Clean Essentials: RED CABBAGE

2015-11-24 18:32:42|Food

With its vibrant red colour and crispy leaves, the red cabbage is a wonderfully tasty ingredient, raw or cooked. Often reserved for Thanksgiving and Christmas, a bowl of beautifully spiced and braised red cabbage is a great accompaniment for a roasted goose or turkey but it is capable of so much more! Red cabbage has ten times more vitamin A than the green cabbage making it great for your eyesight and immune function. It’s packed with vitamin C to strengthen the immune system, has lots of fibre and keeps you fuller for longer, helping to ward off snack attacks and maintain a healthy weight. Throw in some Vitamin K and iron, you will be getting your body set up for the colder weather. For the best quality red cabbage, make sure it is organic, heavy, bright in colour and has crisp leaves. Go raw! You can then make the most of of the locked in nutrients. My Raw Chinese leaf rainbow coleslaw is a zesty Asian twist on the original. The red cabbage gives it a nice crunch. Or how about my Healthy steamed shredded chicken with crunchy vegetables and yuzu dressing and pecans? Packed full of flavour, the red cabbage adds a fantastic burst of colour to the dish. For both these recipes and more, pick up my cook book, Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health. It’s available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook Remember, red cabbage is for life, not just for Christmas! Love, Ching x


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