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Eat Clean Essentials: QUAILS’ EGGS

2015-10-28 10:16:55|Food

They may be small but they are mighty in every other way! Not only do quail eggs have a higher proportion of yolk to white, compared to hen’s eggs, they are extremely nutritious and packed with vitamins and minerals. High in protein, calcium, vitamins A and B2 and HDL cholesterol (the good cholestrol), they are a tasty and versatile ingredient to add to you clean eating shopping list. According to traditional Chinese food therapy, eggs are yang but when boiled they become more yin. Although you treat them in much the same way as a hen egg, they do cook in a much shorter time. Place them in boiling water and they can take only 2 mins for a runny yolk and 4 mins for hard boiled. Just run them under some cold water and peel them when still warm to make it easier. I have a few ideas in my cookbook Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health, for using quails’ eggs. For a great low carb breakfast dish, try my Yin-Yang eggs using avocado and green pepper. Quail eggs are also great in salads and my Quails’ eggs, red onion, baby spinach, watercress, raw tenderstem broccoli and soy sweet and sour dressing, is a green feast of salad full of flavour and nutrients. For these recipes and many more, grab a copy of my cook book, available on Amazon: http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook Love, Ching x


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