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Eat Clean at Chinese New Year

2017-01-25 17:13:42|Food

  Chinese New Year is steeped in tradition and symbolism, but you can still put a modern take on the traditional meal by adding some healthy, clean eating dishes to the table, to sit alongside the customary favourites.   Who says we can’t afford a bit of creative licence to interpret the Chinese New Year symbolism! For those of you who are looking for a healthy Chinese New Year menu that is still packed full of flavour and depth, I have a Chinese Fusion noodle dish that will keep the taste buds satisfied - my Shredded smoked mackerel, egg ‘crumbs’, rocket, buckwheat soba with yuzu dressing.   Noodles are an important part of the Chinese New Year feast table.  During the family ‘reunion dinner’ or “Tuan Yuan Fan”, a noodle dish at Chinese New Year is a must, as it symbolises one of the important ‘greats’: longevity. Whatever you do, don't cut your noodles – they represent long life!  Mandarin word for fish is ‘yu’, meaning abundance, adding another symbolic element to the Chinese New Year feast.  The full recipe is in Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health or on my recipe page here.   Are any of you planning a Chinese New Year feast? I’ll be posting up more tips and suggestions over the next few days so keep an eye on my page.   Love, Ching x


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