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Easy Chinese with Ching-He-Huang - Episode 6

2012-07-07 13:30:38|Food

Episode 6:  THE CHINESE HOLY TRINITY – GARLIC, GINGER AND CHILLIES Air Date and Times: Saturdays 5.30 PST and 8.30 EST on Cooking Channel In today’s Easy Chinese episode, aromatics take centre stage as I show you the SUPERSTAR INGREDIENTS behind every Chinese staple – the holy trio that is GARLIC, GINGER and CHILLIES. These three KEY ingredients are the SECRET to making your Chinese dishes taste divine!  On my journey today, I meet three extraordinary experts in their own fields who are culinary magicians in their individual use of these ingredients. I get inspired to use this holy trio in a new and inventive light by creating some new Chinese-Asian fusion recipes – my Ginger Miso Seafood Broth and Five Spice Calamari with Citrus Dipping sauce with a kick! First stop is a wokkingly hot start… we look at how these ingredients are used in Chinese cooking as I head to one of LA’s most popular Chinese restaurants – The Palace with Moe Li…. I then head to the Stinking Rose where Andrea Froncillo shares his secret recipe using 40 cloves of garlic in his signature dish! You don’t want to miss it… Followed by a visit to meet Ron Teeguarden, famous for his Chinese tonic establishment at Dragon Herbs, and he shares his love of using ginger in his deliciously healthy tonic recipes…. Then finally –my favourite of the trio – chillies! I learn how this wonderful ingredient is transformed into one of America’s favourite sauces – not Tabasco – but Sriracha!! Yes! We visit a mad brilliant doctor, Doc Sao, who shares his secret recipe for making the best Sriracha in California. This is another fun packed episode that will have you juggling garlic, ginger and chillies in your wok in no time! So WOK ON and happy cooking…tune into Cooking Channel.   


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