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Delicious vegan recipe!

2016-03-11 22:29:38|Food

    Mindful of the environment and a greener way of living, I am trying to introduce more vegetarian and vegan dishes into my diet.  Some people may think that Chinese food does not lend itself to plant based food but I think there is great scope for delicious, Asian inspired recipes.  Thanks to our rich heritage and understanding of spices and flavour, there is no excuse not to achieve delicious food that isn’t compromised due to exclusion of meat, fish or dairy.  I am starting to develop and test some new vegan recipes which I hope will inspire everyone to introduce at least one vegan meal into their week.    I have touched upon this philosophy in Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health.  Just choosing local, seasonal ingredients offer flavour and nutrients in abundance and if you can grown your own food, then all the better!  Only last night I served up one of my favourite vegan recipes, my Wok-fried sugar snap peas and mangetout.  As you know, wok cooking is so quick and easy, although it is worth investing in a good quality wok.  This simple stir-fry of sugar snap peas and mangetout with cashew nuts is both tasty and healthy. If you are watching your salt intake then use raw cashew nuts. You can buy the yellow bean pastes from a good Chinese grocer online but if you cant get it, then just leave it out.   Hope you all have a restful weekend!   Love, Ching x


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