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2016-06-28 22:18:55|Food

    Asparagus; little spears of green, healthy magic.  They are a very good source of fibre, folate and vitamin A and K, as well as chormium, a trace of mineral that may enhance the ability to transport glucose (sugar) from the bloodstream, into muscle cells, helping to metabolise the sugar, allowing the body to use it instead of turning into fat.    Enough of the science bit, asparagus is sweet, crunchy and fresh and the star of many a dish.  Currently bang in season, I like to use it at every opportunity.  Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health has one of my favourite recipes, Healthful asparagus, bamboo, shiitake stir-fry.  This is a veggie delight stir-fry, full of great ingredients that are clean, tasty and nutritious and takes only a minute to whip up in my Lotus Wok.  You can serve with brown basmati rice or simply on it’s own.     Grab a copy of Eat Clean http://bit.ly/eatcleanbook and give it a try.     Love, Ching x


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