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Anyone for Singapore Noodles...?

2016-09-30 19:57:45|Food

  Fancy some Singapore Noodles from your local takeaway tonight?  Why not make your own? It’s cheaper, healthier and extra tasty!  This is my favourite noodle dish ever! Its origins are unclear but definitely a South East Asian dish - the fusion of spices such as dried chillies and turmeric together with Chinese noodles makes this one of the fest Asian fusion dishes - perfect for a one Lotus Wok meal or entertaining. There may seem like a long list of ingredients but I promise you, the reward is in the taste!  You can use Char Siu Chinese roast pork pieces, or add shredded cooked chicken or even smoky bacon bits, the trick is to toss and stir well to combine all the ingredients well but without breaking up the rice noodles too much.  Full recipe here: http://www.chinghehuang.com/page/showrecipe/?rid=26   Let me know your favourite takeaway dish and over the next few week I can share my 'Ching Fakeaway' version, that you can try at home.   Love, Ching x


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